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Studio News – Reflecting on the past year

A year of changes

Professionally, I did a lot more drawing and less painting than usual and it was great to go back to a medium that I hadn’t used much in years.  The majority of the drawings sold privately and through galleries or were private commissions, and I plan to draw more in 2014.  

Although I was not as prolific as in other years, I showed my oil paintings in the art museum DA2 in Salamanca, in exhibitions in London and Valencia and in art fairs in Singapore and New York.

Personal news

The reason for the change in medium and output was because I was pregnant for the first half of the year and so was wary of oil painting because of the fumes, and then our beautiful baby boy came and I was super focused on him.  He was born in June and we called him Daniel.

He’s now thriving at nursery and I’m happy to be planning my next series of paintings in the studio in Valencia.

Images: Cate Blanchett IV, Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman III, Sinead O’Connor, Jane Pannell VI all 40 x 40cm oil on canvas, Emma Watson drawing, 10.5 x 15cm coloured pencil.

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