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Intimate Strangers: Politics as Celebrity, Celebrity as Politics

July 24–September 29

Artists: Shepard Fairey, Andy Warhol, Arturo Duclos, Kepa Garraza, Marina Abramovic, Nicola Verlato, Mariana Najmanovich, Noah Becker, Ronald Ophuis, Federico Solmi, Prem Sarjo, Susan Silton, Santiago Sierra /Jorge Galindo, Muñoz de Marco, Judas Arrieta, Jim Fitzpatrick, Enrique Marty, Marc Bijl, Antonio Cortés Rolón, Miguel Aguirre, Ai Weiwei, Ismael Frigerio, Sami Lukkarinen, German Tagle, Marta Minujín, Alexis Esquivel, Flavia Contreras, Eugenio Merino, Walter Bortolossi, Patricio Rueda, Martín Sastre, Josie McCoy, Alfonso Fernández, Melvin Martínez, Ramón Tormes, Carlos T-Mori, Cristian Zabalaga

Intimate Strangers: Politics as Celebrity, Celebrity as Politics is a group show featuring works from 38 Chilean and international artists revolving around the idea of how politics and its content is dictated by those with media power and media skills, and how celebrities use their media credibility to influence politics (the so-called celebrity transnational activism.) Divided conceptually into three sections—Heroes and Prophets, Politicians and Dictators, Celebrities and Activists—the show poses the question whether today’s citizen is only interested in politics as spectacle and entertainment and no longer in parliamentary debates and electoral programs, and what is the real motivation behind those celebrities-turned-activists? 

My painting of Brad Pitt is featured in Artishock magazine, and the exhibition was also shown on Chilean CNN and you can see my paintings briefly on the link below: